10 Hilarious Pick Up Lines Guys Use [With Pictures]. Whoa #5 is Cringe

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What’s with men these days? Do they honestly believe the path to finding a girlfriend starts out with some cheesy, worn out chat-up line? Jeez!

Still, if a guy came up to me in a bar and pulled out one of these babies, I’d at least give him a well earned round of applause before making my swift exit…

1. Possibly THE most accurate chat up line ever

man mistakesource

2. This guy has more chance of winning the lottery


3. So cheesy


4. If my boyfriend had used this on me, life would be very different for him

teddy bearsource

5. Eww…this one gives me the creeps

Gurning mansource

6. Fail!


7. Okay, so, maybe they’re not all bad?

Billionaire source

8. I just fell off my chair

Guy penissource

9. He looks sweet, but I’d still turn him down


10. So glad I didn’t attract the geeks in high school


Hahaha… Guys, seriously, just think before you speak in future, and stop trying to get us into bed with humor. You might be funny, but honestly? You’ll never be that funny.

Girls like men who show they’re reliable and kind, they don’t want second rate comedians. Except maybe that Russel Brand….. because he’s pretty fit.