10 People Who Just Can’t Get To Grips with Parenting. What Was #6 Thinking?

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Of course, kids don’t come with instructions but that doesn’t make these parenting fails any easier to comprehend. What were these people thinking?

1. Extreme snowboarding dad

Snowboarding Dadgreenie1434 / tumblr

2. Wait there, I’m on a high score

Mom Playing Basket Balltusfails / tumblr / epicfail

3. Ironing freak mum

Mom Ironing on Babyantif

4. Not sure a pole dancing career is suitable

Mom Baby Pole Dancingwiseduff

5. Sports mad dad

Sports Mad Dadmedia.giphy

You think the first 5 were bad?

What The Fuck Are You Doing31.media / tumblr

6. Dad’s forgotten how gravity works

Dad Holding Baby on Bridgebrinooooorawr / tumblr

7. Casual stroll on the beach

Couple Swinging Babies on Beachepicfail

8. My fashionable dad

Fashion Dadimgur

9. Parents walking in the park

Walking Without Babymichaelsewey / tumblr

10. This hippy cultural dad

Dad Smoking Huge Spill Around Childeric harrison / flickr