You Will Never Guess What Wreaked Havoc on This City? Complete Nightmare.

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When I first saw these pictures of Cleveland Ohio from 1986, I became overwhelmed with confusion. For a moment, I wondered whether they were fakes, but after digging a little deeper online, I found out this strange event had been witnessed by hundreds of gobsmacked tourists and locals in real time, so they had to be real.

Was it a trick of the light? Was it an explosion? Was it a mutant swarm of insects previously unknown to mankind? There’s only one way to find out…

This weird glowing cloud just appeared over the city


People stood and stared in astonishment as the cloud grew bigger


But most shocking of all?


It was just a load of party balloons


1.5 million to be precise - Volunteers from The United Way of Cleveland spent weeks planning the event as a publicity stunt


However, the wind was strong that day, so the balloons soon began to cause problems

boat balloonsource

The coast guard even had to disable their helicopters


Which was tragic because a number of people drowned in the sea


On the plus side, a woman’s horse became scared by the balloons, and she successfully sued for $100,000


Still, isn’t it strange how such a magical event could end so badly?


The organizers of this stunt could never have imagined how much chaos and upset they were going to cause. Even so, that doesn’t really soften the blow for all those people who were affected. After their shenanigans resulted in untimely deaths, major lawsuits and some seriously pee’d off politicians, don’t be surprised if you never see anything like this again.

We can all see the benefits of publicity stunts, but perhaps next time it might be more sensible to leave the balloons at home guys?