This Man Gets Beat Up After Posting Video of Him Punching a Dog. [Distressing Footage]

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After Tom-Jan Hüsch’s girlfriend broke up with him, he decided to take revenge to an unforgivable level by hitting the very dog his girlfriend brought him as a present multiple times. Worst of all he decided to film it all and upload to Facebook.

Warning. This footage you are about to see is very distressing. I have to admit, probably one of the worst I have ever seen.

This video was since removed from Facebook however this footage went viral attracting the attention of one man who decided to bring this little dog justice by tracking down Hüsch and inflicting the same pain he did on the poor defenceless dog.

Tom-Jan-Huesch Beaten Up

This guy also took a video of himself beating up Hüsch which he later posted online as a warning to show that animal cruelty and abuse will not be tolerated in Germany.

Justice has been served in my opinion. Please share with the world to stamp out this unforgivable animal cruelty.