This is Inhumane. Please Share with the World and Put a Stop to This Right Now.

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Once you have read about this awful tragedy below, I really urge you to sign and share the petition at the bottom of this post in order to put a stop to this right now.

Did you know that our addiction to foods which contain vegetable oil is fuelling one of the world’s biggest disasters? Every minute in Borneo and Sumatra the area the size of 6 football pitches is being destroyed to feed our addiction of palm oil (vegetable oil), which is contained in hundreds of everyday products. The result of this means that 12 Orangutans just like this one are killed and captured every single day.

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Orangutans are one of our closest living relatives sharing almost 97% of their DNA with us humans. In Indonesia they are otherwise known as ‘Person of the jungle’ however, these incredible and gentle creatures are killed everyday, cruelly gunned down, beaten to death or run over by agricultural vehicles operated by workers carrying out deforestation. Workers are told to do literally whatever is necessary in order to dispose of them as they are classed as pests, simply because they accidentally stumble into palm oil plantations looking for food to survive.


It is believed more than 50,000 Orangutans have already been killed by this inhumane and despicable operation and now is the time to put a stop to this.

Please take 10 seconds to sign and share this petition below. It’s time we shared with the world to put a stop to this right now.

Raise Awareness & Help Put a Stop to Palm Oil

How could anyone kill an Orangutan? Please sign and share this petition to to help raise awareness of this issue. If no one knows this is happening then we can't help stop it.


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