15 Photos That Will Leave You Speechless. I’m Gobsmacked at #6

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Some of the moments captured in these photographs are difficult to digest. Some are truly unimaginable and there are a few moments I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. If even just one of these grabs you like they did me, then please share with the world.

1. This ex-Russian service man sits on the same bench every year as he waits for this compadres at Gorky park during Victory Day in Moscow. Sadly, this year, he was the only one who showed up.

2. It’s funny how people only see what they want to see huh?


3. I know Hitler was a pretty evil guy, but try telling that to the German public during the late 1930′s

nazi rally

4. This one’s really cool. Michael Collins was an American astronaut, and at the time of taking this photograph, he was the only human in the universe not inside the confines of the image


5. After hitting and killing an 8 year old kid with his car, this man broke down like we all would


6. Both of the men pictured here died within minutes of this image being taken. I guess that’s just what happens when your windmill catches fire


7. Things sure can get heated in the Philippines. The man taking this photo was assassinated seconds later


8. We all know that happened during the Holocaust, but look at how happy this family were when allied troops came to save them


9. This guy was suffering from extreme depression, but luckily the Golden Gate Bridge has its own link to the suicide hotline


10. This photograph shows a Nazi soldier just before he shot this Jewish man and dumped his body in a mass grave in Ukraine. In all, 28,000 Jews from this area were murdered in a matter of months

more jews

11. If you needed a good reason to stop drinking, this is it. Check out the young boy trying to wake up his alcoholic dad. Tragic!


12. Namibia is known for its odd landscapes, but this image of the orange Sossusvlei sand dunes really takes the biscuit. And no, it’s not a painting; it’s a photograph


13. This man died of natural causes while waiting for a train. A passing monk stopped what he was doing and began to pray for him. What a guy!


14. You don’t come across pictures like this very often. After making a phone call to police claiming his father was being violent towards his mother, this young boy called Diamond stood up to a dangerous adult fearlessly

bad dad

15. We all knew lighthouses were risky locations to stay during a bad storm, but check this out…


Number 11 just hits me right there. Awful to see a kid have to go through this.