There’s A Snail That Can Kill You? 10 Surprising Facts About Snails That You Never Knew

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A garden snail is one of the most common sights in the everyday garden and avid gardeners are often quick to kill them off with a few slug pellets.

But how much do we really know about these tiny, slimy creatures?

Have a look at these 10 snaily facts and test your knowledge of these surprising mollusks.


1 Just Chillin’

As we all are aware, Snails are one of the slowest creatures in the planet!

They usually travel at a stable pace. However, they can get rather feisty, coming in at a raging 1.3cm a second when in a rush, travelling 25 metres in a 24-hour period.


2 Fast(ish)…

Faster than you thought? Well, a study found that snails use about 40% of their energy producing slime as a type of pathway.

They follow the slimy trails of others to move faster and to preserve their own energy. Cheats!

3 … And Furious

Never though ‘death by snail’ was possible? Most of the land-based snails are not considered to be poisonous.

However, some marine species, such as cones (Conidae), augers (Terebridae) and turrids (Turridae and allies), are capable of causing fatalities and human injuries through venom-filled darts.

4. Curiousity killed the…dog?

There are also worries that these ‘fast-moving’ garden snails are spreading parasites, lethal to dogs. Our poor pups are wondering outside to have some breezy exercise, curiosity gets the better of them and they accidently swallow a snail, just to then develop lungworms.

Be aware! And check nooks and crannies around the garden for these potentially deadly little fellas.

5 Peg Leg

Snails grips the ground using one long muscle that seems, to the human eye, to be one long foot. They clasp the ground and pull themselves along.

This is why they can slide up almost anything!

6 Old Fart?

Some snails can live as long as 25 years! Others, unfortunately for them, can only live until a young 5 years old.

This obviously depends on what species they are as well as the habitat they live in.

Roads and footpaths are definitely not a snail’s best friend.

7 Brace Yourselves…

Imagine brushing 14,000 teeth twice a day! That’s the amount of teeth that snails deceivingly have. You certainly would not guess this just by looking at them, but their dentist bills would unquestionably be sky-high!

8 The Hunt Is On

In Florida, there is a growing problem of giant snails, causing officials to order an extreme extermination using Labrador Retrievers!

Around 128,000 Giant African Land Snail were captured around the state, leading to a mass hunt in states elsewhere in the USA.

Slide snails, slide!

9 Did You See That?

Snails have almost no sense of sight, leaving them nearly completely blind. They lack any system of hearing too, leaving them with not much to work with.

However, they have an exceptional sense of smell meaning they can smell food a few metres away from them. That may not seem far to us but for an animal of such small proportions, this is incredible!

10 Prime Slime

Did you know you can not only eat the snail, but you can also eat the slime! That’s right. A simple wash of the rumoured inedible sludge should be ready to go.

Research also suggests that it can be used to treat stomach ulcers! I’m not sure how willing I would be to test this out, would you?