17 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don’t Know About. #14 Makes Me Sick

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Just when you thought your boyfriend could be trusted, it turns out he’s been keeping some pretty shocking secrets…

After reading about all the stuff my partner’s been hiding from me, I had to seriously reconsider our relationship.

1. He pulls weird faces in the bathroom mirror

Man Pulling Facessource 

2. He fantasizes about spicing things up with your BFF

Threesome with BFFsource

3. He farts in bed and stops the smell from reaching your nose by pulling the covers tight

Man farts in bedsource

4. He imagines what it would be like to save you from an elite group of international terrorists

Terrorist Assassination Squadsource

5. He watches chick-flicks when you’re not in

Man crying at chick flicksource 

6. He deletes his online search history at least once every day

Deleting internet historysource

7. He double checks every text message he sends to women for spelling mistakes that could make him appear stupid

Man using auto-correct source

8. He flushes the toilet mid-stream to save time

Mid-stream toiletsource

9. He slides off to the bathroom at least once per week to sort out a bad case of morning glory

Morning Woodsource

10. He doesn’t feel the need to use twist-ties, instead, he just folds the end of the bag to keep bread fresh


11. He pretends to be stuck in a fish tank every time he takes a shower

Man in showersource

12. He checks measurements online to ensure he makes the grade

Measuring Banana


13. He panics whenever another male gets too close

Man too closesource

14. He has, at one time or another, ran out of toilet paper and been left with no choice but to use a sock

Using a sock to wipe


15. He thinks about all the illegal things he could do if time froze for a few hours

What men do when time is frozensource

16. He always takes a look before flushing, as if he doesn’t know what’s down there

Man on toiletsource

17. He occasionally washes his own pants during the day, so you don’t see the mess he’s made

Man pantssource

So, there you have it girls. Will you ever be able to look at him in the same way again?